De-World International Secondary School runs the Junior and Senior Secondary programs as specified in Nigeria Policy on Education. The school offers a wide variety of subjects taught by dedicated and professional staff.

The school places serious emphasis on science subjects, English Language, Mathematics and Information Technology.

Junior students from JSS 2 offer Physics, Chemistry and Biology which place them at advantage over their counterparts in other schools.

Most importantly, the teaching of these subjects is not just theoretical, but they are fortified with practical classes in our modern Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories.

DWISS Academicians

DWISS Academicians

The first year senior students (SS1) offer 15 subjects for two terms, as this provides them the opportunity to choose between Art and Sciences in 3rd term, while SS 2 and SS 3 students offer 9 subjects and they are divided into two arms of Sciences and Arts.

DWISS Academicians